50 Miler Photos
August 1-10, 2003


Troop arrives at South Lake.

Ready to depart.

First night's camp.


Bishop Lake camp.

Overnight freeze.

Drying out gear after the rain.


On the way to Taboose Pass.

Stream crossing.


Clean, cold water refill.


A drink from a small stream.

Beautiful, lush trail.

Jeffery Pine, smells like vanilla.


Wild roses along the trail.

Rugged terrain.

Rest stop along the way.


Almost at the top of the pass.

Windy at the top.

Entering King’s Canyon.


Grass colony (3 ft. in diameter).

High valley vista.

Second camp at Taboose.


View toward Mather Pass.

View toward Taboose Pass.

Approaching three big bucks.


Where are the fish?

There they are.

Rejoined the troop.


Halfway down Taboose Pass.

Nearing Doug's hidden camp.

There be bears nearby.


Doug's hidden camp.

Real food at the end of the 50.


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