50 Miler Photos
August 6-15, 2004


Troop arrives at North Lake.

First night camped at North Lake.

Ready to depart.


Taking a break.

Rugged Country.

Top of Piute Pass.


View beyond Piute Pass.

Looking back at Piute Pass.

Camping off the trail.


Time for KoolAid.

Serving dinner.

Tents are set up.


Second evening approaches.

Following the stream.

A long hike to the bottom.


Nearing the bottom.

Bridging, the High Sierra way.

Second High Sierra camp.


Starting the camp fire.

Cards before calling it a night.

Starting climb toward Muir Pass.


Younger hikers lead the way.

Older hikers bring up the rear.

Second bridge crossing.


Cooling the feet.

A well deserved lunch break.

Passing a big meadow.


Ranger Hut (sometimes hard to find).

Discussing where to make camp.

Cooling off.


Onward to the next camp.

Onward still.

Still looking for next camp site.


At camp site below Muir Pass.

A chilly morning.

Breaking camp, onward to Muir Pass.


Is Muir Pass much further?

Muir Pass is just ahead.

Muir Hut at top of Muir Pass.


Inside Muir Hut.

Taking a well deserved break.

A good shelter from storms.


A good shelter from lightning.

A well built structure.

In honor of John Muir.


Thankful for the shelter.

Time to get off this mountain.

A cup of fresh water.


Water cascading down Muir Pass

Some local wildlife.

Beautiful country ahead.


Crossing a small foot bridge

Water cascading off Dusy Basin.

Hiking through Dusy Basin.


Dusy Basen view toward Bishop Pass.

Getting closer to Bishop Pass.

Starting the climb to Bishop Pass.


Made it to top of Bishop Pass

Bishop Pass (11,972 ft.).

Camp site at Bishop Lake.


Fixing to do a little fishing.

Fish for everyone.

Lets have a fish fry.


Looks like rain.

A beautiful sunset.

Resting up in Independence.


Feels great to be clean.

Real food follows the 50 mile hike.

Tastes great.


Tastes better than 50 miler food.

A little fun on the Six Wheeler.

The jeep joins the fun too.


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