Camp-O-Ree Photos
April 22-24, 2005


Campsite flag ceremony.

Camp-O-Ree flag ceremony.


Pledge of allegiance.


The first event. Start a fire.

Preparing the kindling.

We have fire.


Waiting for the rescue line throw.

Attempting a rescue.

The toss misses. They eventually do it.


Blokes on the blocks.

Changing course.

Fall off and your radioactive.


Next event is lashings.

Not sure if we have it.

Lets give it a try.


It holds up.

Finished the course.

Next shoot water balloons.


Get ready and fire.

Next orienteering in Austrailia.

Successfully found their bearings.


Back at camp for lunch.

Will and his new tent.

Taking a break.


Looking back toward camp.

The lake (pond) at Three Falls.

Fort with accommodations.


Looking toward the shotgun range.

Next event rifle shooting.

The troop is ready to shoot.


Checking the results.

It hailed during dinner.

Fred and son taking shelter.


The troop surived the night.

Rise and shine. Lets have breakfast.

Will got a little wet but survived.


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