Canoe Trip Photos
(Family Camp)
April 2-6, 2005


Camping at Davis Camp.

Cooling off in the Colorado.

First night.


Scouts and guest.

Everyone ready to depart.

Jon and Bryson on their way.


The fish was this big.

Erin having fun.

Jon and Bryson landing at Rainbo.


Rest of the group following.

Everyone made it to Rainbo Beach.

All cleaned up and ready for dinner.


Dinner looks good.

Rainbo Beach camp site.

Rise and shine, another day.


Launching from Rainbo Beach.

Jasun joins the group.

Erin kicking back.


Prepare for colision.

Great place for lunch.

Nicholas and his kayak.


Life at Moabi Campground.

The food is good.

A Moabi resident.


Had enough with Boy Scouts.

Good night Bryson.

Scouts sleeping under a roof?


Continuing the journey.

Heading toward the train trestle.

Heading into Topock Gorge.


Climbing for a look at the gorge.

Taking it easy on the river.

No one else around.


Not much of a sail but it works.

Rugged country.

A photo shoot on the sandbar.


Arriving at Castle Rock.

The last canoe arrives.

We all completed the journey.


Breakfast on the last day.

Packing up for the trip home.

We will definitely do this again.


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