Links and Knots

B.S.A. National Links:
    B.S.A. National Website
    My.Scouting (B.S.A. Training)
    Merit Badge Workbooks
    Internet Rechartering
    Internet Advancement
    Boy Scout Service Hours
    Boy Scout Outdoor Ethics
    National Outdoor Badges

Ventura County Council Links:
    Ventura County Council Website
    Sespe District Website
    OA Topa Topa Lodge Website
    Camp Three Falls Summer Camp
    VCC Camporee Home Page
    High Adventure:
        High Adventure Team Website
        High Adventure Awards

Los Padres National Forest:
    Hiking in the Los Padres
    Current Conditions
    California Campfire Permit

Troop 119 Links:
    Camp Chawanakee Summer Camp
    Camp Emerald Bay Summer Camp
    Camp Parsons Summer Camp
    Shutterfly Account (Private)

Knot Board with Instructional Links
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The Use and Advantage or Disadvantage of each Knot


More Animated Knots

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